Thermo hygrometer

Press mode button once to switch between time displaying and alarm setting(AL means alarm time)
During the time displaying mode,You can press MODE button and hold for 2 seconds to enter time setting mode.
In this mode, you can use ADJ button adjust and use MODE to go next.
When the alarm display you can hold MODE to set the alarm time.

Snooze function:
You can press light button when the alarm is ringing to snooze for 8 mintues.

Comfort level indication:
10%~30% Dry
30%~70% 20℃~26℃ Comfortable

70% Wet

Temperature Detection Range:-10℃~70℃
Humidity Detection Range:10%~99%
Error Range:±0.3℃ ±1%RH
Accuracy Range:0.1℃,1%RH

Miao 3yyz

Miao 3yyz